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Do YOU have old, inherited, unworn diamonds in your jewellery box?


These unwanted diamonds form part of the 'Urban Diamond Mine'


We 'discover' & professionally recycle these diamonds and help you realise their true value


All our diamonds are certified by independent diamond grading laboratories, such as GIA


Our 'consumer-recycled' diamonds are cheaper as the original profit & tax is written off!


We hand-pick the best diamonds and offer them for sale as UK sourced, Heritage Diamonds

..................each diamond is named after the village or community where it was discovered

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Often, a privately held diamond is inherited or becomes unwanted and needs to be sold


There are many millions of privately owned '‘already mined' diamonds’ above ground, already cut and polished.


These diamonds are all shapes and sizes


With our professional expertise, these diamonds are recycled back into the supply chain, reducing the ethical &environmental issues associated with rough diamond mining and ‘blood diamonds


All our diamonds are Quality Assured and guaranteed


We only supply diamonds graded by independant diamond grading laboratories,

 such as GIA, HRD, IGI, know exactly what you are buying!


We then distribute our GIA certified diamonds direct to our own investment, trade & retail clients as 'pre-owned' items with significant vat benefits giving us a price advantage

GIA logo .we offer diamonds graded by GIA

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'Urban Diamond Mine' is a registered Trade Mark

.......the biggest diamond mine in the world!